​​​Maine Good Sam RV Club 

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Our 2019 Rally theme is 'My Favorite Book'.  Let your mind go wild exploring the vast number of books you have read over the years. Maybe you will want to decorate your rig as a space ship from Buck Rogers, dress up as Humpty Dumpty, or .. as Diane and I will do.. Ooops! Can't reveal that yet!

On a serious note, the REAL reason for our choice is our hope to bring awareness to an epidemic that is all too prevalent in our state. It will be our goal to bring a heightened awareness to Literacy In Maine.

I would like to share with you that The Maine Good Sam RV Club is fortunate indeed to be partnering with Mr. Rick Charette on this project. Rick has been a 'Pied Piper' for generations.Young minds have grown up with songs like 'Alligator in the Elevator'.  Our daughters (who are now mothers themselves) grew up singing along.

Early in my dialogs with him, he mentioned a new song that he had just recorded. I leave it to YOU to decide.... is this fate.. or coincidence ?